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How do I pay for onboard purchases?

All of Royal Caribbean International ships operate on a “cashless” system, meaning your boarding card, (also known as your SeaPass card), will be used as a charge card to make all onboard purchases. Normally to activate this SeaPass® account, most guests provide a credit card, (American Express, Optima, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and Diner’s Club), to have these purchases charged to at the end of their cruise. Additionally, the SeaPass system may be activated with traveler’s checks, debit cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo, or cash.

A running tab of all your purchases will be kept under separate folio numbers for each guest and an itemized statement left in your stateroom the night before disembarkation. If you provided a credit card and there are no discrepancies, the amount will be charged to your account on the morning of disembarkation. If you have used traveler’s checks or cash to activate the account, you will need to settle the account at the Guest Relations desk, (to either receive a reimbursement of the unused amount you originally left or to pay the balance of what you have charged over the amount of what you originally left).

Please note:
We require guests to place a deposit if they are paying for their SeaPass account with cash. There is a $500 daily limit on cash accounts for 7+ night sailings and $300 for 2/3/4/5 night sailings. Once the daily cash limit is reached, we will call the guest and inform the guest that the limit has been reached.

Are laundry services provided?

Self-service laundry facilities are not provided onboard our ships, but we do offer full laundry and dry cleaning services. We do not provide irons in the staterooms as they constitute a fire hazard.

View our Shipboard Laundry Service price schedule.
* All prices are in US. Dollars and are subject to change without notice.

Are babysitters available onboard?

Babysitting is offered both in a group setting, and individually in your stateroom. In stateroom babysitting must be reserved through the Guest Relations Desk (Purser’s Desk) at least 24 hours in advance.

It cannot be reserved prior to the cruise vacation and there is no guarantee that sitters will be available. The service is offered between 8:00 am and 2:00 am when personnel is available. Sitters will be assigned on a first come first served basis

Children MUST be at least 1 year old.

Approximate Rate: $19 per hour for up to three children within the same family.

Times and prices are subject to change without notice. Payment will be made using your onboard SeaPass card.

Can I contact people back home from the ship?

Your friends and family can contact the ship by calling (888) 724-7447. Or from outside the U.S. they can call (321) 953-9003. The cost is $7.95 USD a minute and can be charged to their MasterCard® or Visa®. From outside the U.S. additional long distance charges will also apply.

You can make ship-to-shore calls from your stateroom, 24 hours a day. The cost is $7.95 USD per minute and will be automatically charged to your SeaPass account.

You can also use our onboard Internet Cafés, stateroom Internet connection, or Hot Spots to send an e-mail to your friends or family for a minimal fee.

How can I get copies of the pictures I bought onboard?

All professional Photo operations are handled by Image Photo Services on all Royal Caribbean ships. There is no ability to offer post-cruise sales of any photographic products or services.

All shipboard photo products and services musty be either purchased pre-cruise at www.ourcruisephotos.com or onboard during a cruise vacation.

For more information please visit https://support.ourcruisephotos.com/ or call +1-850-250-3423

Alternatively write to:

c/o Image Photo Services, Inc.
2085 NW 87th Ave, Suite A
Miami, FL 33172

To make copies of the photographs purchased onboard, a release form may be required. Visit https://support.ourcruisephotos.com/ to download a copy.

Do you accept personal checks, travelers checks and foreign currency?

The shops, lounges, shore excursions, and Spa operate on a cashless system, therefore guests must use the SeaPass card when purchasing beverages and services throughout the ship. The card can be activated at check-in with a Visa, Master Card, JCB, Diners Club, Carte Blanche or American Express credit card. Accounts can also be settled by cash or travelers checks. Personal checks and gift cards cannot be used to settle an onboard account at the end of the cruise. Most major foreign currencies can be exchanged for US dollars onboard. Please contact us for further information.

A guest may cash one check per cruise as follows:

  • One check up to $200.00 USD.

  • Only checks written in US dollars which are drawn against a US bank can be accepted.

  • Guests can no longer cash a personal check at the Casino cash desk; they can only do this at the Guest Relations or Guest Services Desk.

  • Guests can only cash one personal check per bank account per cruise.

Foreign Currency and Travelers Checks:

  • Guests cannot exchange more than USD $950 in travelers checks and foreign currency per day.

  • Guests can only exchange foreign currency and travelers checks for cash at the Guest Relations or Guest Services Desk.

  • Guests can only exchange foreign currency and travelers checks for chips and tokens in the Casino.

ATM Withdrawal:
The following cards (debit or credit) can be used to withdraw cash from the onboard ATM: Visa (Plus), MasterCard (Cirrus, Maestro), American Express, Pulse, NYCE, Discover/Novus, Quest. Most ships have an ATM available in the Casino and by the Guest Relations Desk.

What is the Wash & Fold laundry special?

Save yourself the work of doing laundry once you get home. We’ll take care of it for you with our Wash 7 Fold laundry special. This is an additional service offered beyond our regular laundry service. Guests can now send smaller clothing items to be washed and folded for the fixed amount of $30 per bag. Fit as much as you can into the bag provided for you and we’ll take care of the rest. Please ask your stateroom attendant for more information. Availability may vary.

If I make a booking for a sailing before July 1, 2011 will the new gratuities apply to my sailing?

No. The new suggested gratuity amounts are not applicable to any sailings before July 1, 2011.

What is Behind the Royal Advantage - All Access Tour?

This tour will grant guests an all-access pass to various areas deemed “back of the house”, such as the Galley, the Bridge, the Engine Control Room, Laundry and more. Guests will be able to step inside the crew’s shoes and gain insight and knowledge on what really goes on behind-the-scenes.

When did Behind the Royal Advantage - All Access Tour officially launch?

Effective on each ship’s first July 2011 sailing on all Royal Caribbean International ships.

Who can sign up for Behind the Royal Advantage - All Access Tour?

Available to all guests sailing onboard, however, this tour is capacity controlled. Please note, full participation may require extended periods of walking, standing or climbing steep stairs. Participants with physical limitations should take this into account.

Is Behind the Royal Advantage - All Access Tour subject to availability?

Yes, each tour is limited to 15 people. We highly recommend to book early onboard to guarantee a spot.

How do I book Behind the Royal Advantage - All Access Tour?

You can book the All Access Tour through Cruise Planner before your sail date, or refer to your Cruise Compass for directions on where and when to book once onboard.

What is the cost for Behind the Royal Advantage - All Access Tour?

A fee of $150.00 USD per person.

How long is the All Access Tour?

Approximately 3 to 3.5 hours.

How many times is the All Access Tour offered during a cruise vacation and when?

Available 1 time per cruise on 6-nights or less itineraries and at least 2x per on longer cruises.

Why was the service charge increased for DreamWorks Character Breakfast?

The cover charge has been introduced to better manage the high demand of this incredibly popular offering.

Is gratuity included in DreamWorks Character Breakfast?

Gratuity is included in the $10 cover charge for the DreamWorks Character Breakfast experience. Gratuity for beverages will be added at 15% of the beverage bill.

Are drinks included in the DreamWorks Character Breakfast cover charge?

Yes, orange juice, apple juice, tomato juice, hot chocolate, coffee & tea are included. Specialty beverages are additional and charged at the normal bar rate. There is still no charge for the food, with unlimited menu items once the guests have paid the cover charge.

Have there been any changes to the DreamWorks Character Breakfast menu with the price increase?

No. Its the same great experience as before.

How old do kids have to be before we charge them the DreamWorks Character Breakfast cover charge?

Children 5 years of age and under can enjoy the DreamWorks Character Breakfast for free. Kids 6 years and older must pay the same cover charge as all guests.

If I already reserved the DreamWorks Character Breakfast while it was free, will I be charged onboard?

No, all existing complimentary reservations will be honored.

DreamWorks Character Breakfast is no longer available to book for sailings prior to April 30th, Was the complimentary inventory eliminated?

No, its simply sold out for those sailings.

I was charged $10 for the DreamWorks Character Breakfast prior to the new Sept 1st implementation date, will I get a refund?

Yes, all guests who made a reservation for this experience prior to Sept 1 and incurred a $10 charge will be refunded in the form of a $10 OBC.