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Search Experiences To Revolutionize Internet Search Behavior

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Search Experiences To Revolutionize Internet Search Behavior


NEW YORK, United States, March 30, 2015 – New York-based company Search Experiences has positioned itself as the world leader in branded search.

Providing large companies with the opportunity to access their target audience during their daily Internet search activities, branded search engines also offer a new way of promoting advertising campaigns, complementing and drawing more return traffic back to a major website, and boosting sales.

Search Experiences CEO and founder Aaron Polmeer says the advent of branded search promises to revolutionize search behavior and customer engagement.

“The future of search lies in offering customized experiences. Our company is offering a new powerful and affordable kind of media, creating custom branded search engines to match any user’s interests and brand loyalty to deliver an immersive branding and engagement experience. Whether it is a corporate brand, sports team, university, music artist, celebrity, charity, TV series, newspaper, radio station, etc., we will tailor the experience to the target market (e.g. fans, students, readers, listeners, employees, members, customers etc.). We can create a search experience shaped and themed for their needs that they will value and use regularly.” he says.

In order to help corporations understand the powerful implications of branded search, Search Experiences will host two premier Tech Cruises; Tech Cruise 2015 (April 26 – May 3) onboard a Royal Caribbean 7 Night Cruise departing New Orleans, Florida and Tech Cruise WEST 2015 (May 27-28) held at the luxurious Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel, Santa Monica, California.


About Search Experiences

Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Alley in Manhattan, New York City, Search Experiences is pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity in the integrated media space by creating custom branded search solutions which use cutting edge Web 3.0 technology. Search Experiences offers a new form of media that is both powerful and affordable, with endless perks from daily brand awareness and access to the purest forms in consumer engagement. Now you can align your brand with the most popular activity online… SEARCH! Search Experiences mission is to remain the World Leader in Branded Search and create a new paradigm shift in search behavior.